Dieuwke Philpott
Dieuwke Philpott

I was trained as a teacher in Holland and some time after I came to live in Britain, I took a two year course at Loughborough College of Art as a mature student.

I have also greatly benefitted from Adult Education Art courses and classes with inspirational teachers.

Over many years I have exhibited with other artists and craftspeople, the most recent exhibitions being at Birdwood House, Totnes in 2015, The Slade Gallery, Gillingham in 2016 and Open Studio in June 2017.

I have accepted and completed several commissions for private collections.

Fabrics and threads have played an important part in my life from childhood onwards. I have retained lots of samples and experiments that I worked on over many years. These are now finding a place in my current art works and it is pleasing to have this continuity from past work to present.

My work over the last few years has been inspired and influenced by observing the tideline, the changes that take place there, and the flotsam that collects.

I have linked these observations by combining drawings, paintings and textiles in my current work.